Introduction to the LI-570

The LI-570 is a four-port data logger in a weather-resistant enclosure. It features serial inputs to connect up to four LI-550P TriSonica Minis, up to three LI-560 TriSonica Spheres, a combination with up to two of each, and other serial devices. It also supports a GPS receiver and radio transceiver. Collated data can be output to an external data recorder or logged to a user-supplied MicroSD card installed in the LI-570. This document provides basic operating information for the product.

Figure 1‑1. The LI-570 Data Logger provides four ports for anemometers, one for power in, one for a GPS receiver, and one for a radio transceiver.

Instructions for earlier models, including the DL422-B, DL422-E1, DL422-E2, or DL422-E4 are available from

What's what

If you have just received your LI-570, check the packaging list and be sure you have received everything you ordered.

Connector panel and cable connector assemblies

The LI-570 has a connector panel for devices and power. It includes cable connector assemblies that are ready to assemble to a user-supplied cable.

  • Anemometer connectors 1 to 4: To connect LI-550s, LI-560s, or other serial devices. Provides power (12 VDC output; 0.8 watts maximum per connector; 2.4 watts combined maximum) and communication.
  • Power in: Power to the LI-570 (10 to 54 VDC; 12 watts).
  • GPS receiver: To connect a GPS device. Supports 3.3 UART NEMA0183 protocols. Provides power (5 VDC output; 0.5 watts maximum) and data transmission.
  • Radio transceiver: To connect a cellular or satellite transceiver. Supports 3.3 V UART. Provides power (5 VDC output; 4.7 watts maximum) and data transmission.
  • Cable connector assemblies: User-supplied cables can be attached to the power, GPS, and radio connectors.

Anemometer cables

The following cables are to connect a LI-550s and LI-560s to the data logger.

  • 571S-1: 1.25-meter cable with one connector and bare leads. Connects a LI-550P or LI-560 to a serial data recorder.
  • 571D-1: 1.25-meter cable with two connectors. Connects a LI-550P or LI-560 to the LI-570 Data Logger.
  • 571D-10: 10-meter cable with two connectors. Connects a LI-550P or LI-560 to the LI-570 Data Logger.
  • 571D-C: Custom cable kit with two sets of connector assemblies for a user-supplied cable. Connects a LI-550P or LI-560 to the LI-570 Data Logger or a serial data recorder. 25 meters maximum length.

User-supplied MicroSD card

The data logger has an internal slot that holds a user-supplied MicroSD card for data storage. No card is provided, but most MicroSD cards will work. Supported formats are FAT16, FAT32, or exFAT with capacities in excess of 32 GB. Select an SD card that is rated for the operating conditions you expect for your deployment. Industrial rated SD cards should be used in some environments. See Installing and removing the MicroSD card for installation and removal instructions.

Safety information

Warning symbol indicates important information

The LI-570 is a scientific instrument intended to be used and handled by trained professionals only. Protect the LI-570 from public access. Mind the safety information in this manual.

Warning: The LI-570 has an internal coin cell CR1225 battery that maintains the clock setting when main power is not connected. Replace as needed and dispose of the battery according to local regulatory guidelines. See Replacing the clock battery.

Warning: Use only batteries or LPS power supply certified with local standards to power the LI-570. LI-COR is not responsible for any harm or safety issue caused by supplying the product with uncertified batteries, power supplies, or circuits.

Caution: Electric shock risk. Turn off power supply or external battery before unplugging power connector from LI-570.

Caution: Protect from electrostatic discharge (ESD). The LI-570 circuit board contains electrostatic-sensitive components. Use appropriate ESD handling procedures when working with the exposed circuit board.

Figure 1‑2. The LI-570 label and safety information.

Anemometer ports

Four ports are for a combination of up to four LI-550P TriSonica Minis, or up to three LI-560 TriSonica Spheres, or a combination of up to two LI-550s and two LI-560s. Pin assignments are described in Connecting devices to the data logger, with power output of 12 VDC, 0.8 watts maximum for each port (2.4 watts combined maximum).

Power in

Connect a power supply of +10 to 54 VDC, 12 watts. See Powering the LI-570.

GPS receiver

Provides power to and receives data from a GPS device. Outputs 5 VDC, 0.5 watts maximum. See Connecting a GPS receiver or radio transceiver.

Radio transceiver

Provides power to and transfers data between a compatible radio transceiver. Outputs 5 VDC, 4.7 watts maximum. See Connecting a GPS receiver or radio transceiver.