LI-600 Release Notes

This document summarizes the changes in the latest versions of LI-600 software and firmware. Review this if you are familiar with previous versions and want to learn what's new.

Version 3.0.0 (released October 2023)

These updates reflect software and firmware enhancements for the LI-600. The updated software and firmware updates are also available for owners of the previous generation of the LI-600.

Software v3.0.0

  • Added the option to export Excel files with embedded equations in Data Management.
  • Added a link and option to import data dumps in Data Management.
  • Uses local date and time for naming export folders and .csv and .xlsx files.
  • Updated default configurations.
  • Debug mode is now accessible from the Preferences dialog.
  • Bug fixes and user interface improvements.

Firmware/instrument interface v3.0.0

  • Default configurations on the instrument will be updated with the firmware update.
  • In the default configuration display layout, leak_pct has replaced flow_s.
  • The following variables in the instrument display will invert to black background with white text when they do not meet criteria set in the configuration: leak_pct, flow_s, gsw1sec, gsw2sec, gsw4sec, flr1sec, flr2sec, and flr4sec.

Data files

The following variables were added to the LI-600 data files. See Data files and Theory of operation for more information about these variables.

Group Label Description
PORO leaf_width Leaf width
FLUORO TRANS Transmission factor
SENSOR Tmeas IRT sample temperature (was Tleaf)
Tleaf Calculated sample temperature
MATCH type Match type: valved (0) or serial (1)
P_CONFIG aw Area to width conversion factor
Bla Boundary layer coefficient a
Blb Boundary layer coefficient b
Blc Boundary layer coefficient c
Bld Boundary layer coefficient d
Ble Boundary layer coefficient e
chamber standard (0) or needle (1)

Version 2.0.0 (released April 2022)

These updates reflect hardware, software, and firmware enhancements for the LI-600 with GPS and leaf angle capability.* The updated software and firmware updates are also available for owners of the previous generation of the LI-600.


  • Accelerometer/Magnetometer
  • GPS Receiver

Software v2.0.0

  • Addition of barcode generator
  • Added tab delimited data file format option
  • Moved data and log file delimiter options to Preferences
  • Moved “Allow Factory Calibrations” to Preferences
  • Added GPS/leaf angle option to Configuration settings*
  • Data files: added LEAF_ANGLE and GPS variable groups *

Firmware/instrument interface v2.0.0

  • Streamlined workflow: eliminated Next Step screen, user now initiates or logs a new measurement directly from the measurement screen, reducing the number of button presses to as little as one per measurement, depending on the configuration.
  • Added navigation prompts (bottom of screen)
  • Advanced Settings renamed to Settings

GPS/leaf angle*

  • GPS (Settings>Instrument Settings)
    • ModNumber of satelites
    • Latitude, longitude, altitude
    • Pitch/roll/heading (from accelerometer/magnetometer)
  • Clock sync to GPS

*The GPS receiver and accelerometer/magnetometer are included in the LI-600 with a serial number of PFA-00553 and above.