Carbon dioxide injector

The CO2 injector consists of an internal controller and an external connection that accepts an 8-gram cartridge. One cartridge will last about 8 hours from the time it is pierced (regardless of whether you use it or not). You can use the optional tank adapter kit (part number 9968-109) rather than cartridges for a larger supply. When you install a new cartridge, you can record this in the instrument (see Fresh cartridge or soda lime?).

Warning: The CO2 cartridges contain high-pressure CO2. Follow the handling precautions provided by the cartridge manufacturer. Use extreme caution if removing the cartridge while it is pressurized. Doing so will cause the compressed gas to vent quickly. If you need to remove a charged CO2 cartridge for any reason, slowly loosen the cartridge holder until the gas vents, then the cartridge can be removed. The cartridge may become extremely cold, so be careful. Keep out of sunlight, and under 50 °C. Never dispose of a full cartridge. Keep out of reach of children.

8-gram cartridges

Insert the cartridge, large end first, into the holder (Figure 2‑1) and turn the holder clockwise to tighten it. Tighten it until you encounter resistance, then quickly twist the holder about ½ turn further to pierce the tip of the cartridge.

Caution: If you buy CO2 cartridges from a supplier other than LI-COR, select oil-free cartridges. If oil is drawn into the CO2 injector, the instrument will have to make a trip back to LI-COR for repairs. We recommend ISI brand: Store cartridges with the tip pointing up.

Tank adapter kit

A CO2 tank adapter kit (part number 9968-109) can replace the 8-gram cartridge adapter. It is useful in situations where a tank or other source of pure CO2 is available. The adapter is designed for pressures from 500 to 2000 kPa (73 to 290 psi).

Tank Adapter Components Quantity Part Number
Injector Plate 1 9868-228
Screws (M3; 8 mm length; Phillips) 6 150-14419
Injector O-ring (AS-106) 3 192-14863
Copper Fitting for 4 mm Tube 1 300-14454
Stainless Steel Fitting for 1/8'" Tube 1 300-14455

Warning: Remove the CO2 cartridge before attempting to remove the injector assembly. Failure to do so can cause the cartridge to discharge quickly, which may lead to personal injury.

  1. Remove the cartridge injector assembly.
  2. It is held on by two screws.
  3. Assemble the adapter kit.
  4. The adapter kit has two fittings: A stainless steel fitting for 1/8" tubes and a copper fitting for 4 mm tubes. Install the adapter that works for you.
  5. Test the injector.
  6. Adjust the pressure regulator to about 1000 kPa (150 psi). Run the system test under Start Up > System Tests > Soda Lime-CO2 to verify that the injector is working as expected.