Optional accessories

Optional accessories may be included with your system. If not, they are available form LI-COR or your distributor.

6400-03 Rechargeable battery

The 6400-03 rechargeable batteries are 12 volt lead acid batteries. Batteries are charged prior to shipping, but may discharge during shipping and storage. It is a good idea to test your batteries to make sure they are charged.

The 6400-03 batteries require the LI‑6020 Battery Charger for recharging. One 6400-03 battery provides approximately 3-4 hours of battery life at 25 °C, depending on pump usage or wireless card usage.

NOTE: There are 2 battery connectors in the case. You can attach a second, fully charged battery before removing the discharged battery to provide uninterrupted operation.

LI‑6020 Battery charger

The LI‑6020 can charge up to four 6400-03 batteries at a time. It is compatible with 115 and 230 VAC main power.

Soil temperature probes

The Omega Soil Temperature Probe (6000-09TC) is a 2-wire thermocouple sensor that can be wired to the auxiliary sensor interface for survey measurements.

The 8100-203 and 8150-203 soil temperature probe has a 2-wire adapter cable for connection to the auxiliary sensor interface. Alternatively, the connector can be removed for installation into a long-term chamber when using the multiplexer.

Soil moisture probes

The GS1 Soil Moisture Sensor (Decagon Devices, Inc., Pullman, WA) is a dielectric sensor that measures volumetric water content of the soil.

The ECH2O Model EC-5 soil moisture probe (Decagon Devices, Inc., Pullman, WA) is a dielectric sensor that measures volumetric water content of the soil.

The Delta-T ThetaProbe is a more durable sensor that provides a more precise measurement of volumetric water content.

8100-104 and 8100-104C conversion kits

The 8100-104 long-term chamber’s opaque “bowl” can be swapped out with the clear bowl used on the 8100-104C long-term chamber (using part number 8100-910), and vice versa (using part number 8100-911). Each kit includes the replacement chamber bowl and all mounting hardware required.

Wireless communications package1

The wireless communications package (part number 8100-565) includes 8100-570 Apple iPod Touch (32 GB), serial cable (part number 392-10587), USB-to-RS232 adapter (part number 6400-27), wireless card (part number 8100-552), and iPod Micro Case (part number 8100-571).

GPS mapping kit

The mapping kit (part number 8100-405) is an accessory for use with the LI-8100A Automated Soil CO2 Flux System when making survey measurements with the 8100-102 or 8100-103 chamber or for continuous measurements. The mapping kit adds geographical data (latitude, longitude, speed, and direction) to observations of soil CO2 flux or CO2 concentration. The mapping kit can be used with the survey chambers to map soil CO2 flux data across the area of interest, or it can be used in a continuous measurement mode (without a chamber) to map CO2 concentrations across a transect.

The mapping kit includes a GPS receiver (part number 9981-185), mounting bracket (part number 9981-211), 12-pin Eurofast splitter cable (part number 392-12388), and spare parts kit (part number 9981-186) with intake tube and connectors. See The GPS accessory for details.