Chamber issues

See this section for issues related to a chamber.

Long-term chamber will not close or open

Debris in the chamber? Check for debris that may block the movement of the chamber.

Cable connections tight? Check the cable connections. Press in on each connector and tighten each one.

Attempt to activate the chamber using the software under Utilities > Manual Controls.

If you have a multiplexer, connect the chamber to a different port and try to open or close it. Also try to use a different cable to determine if the cable is damaged. If cables solves the problem, you may have a faulty or poorly attached cable. If switching ports solves it, you may have a poorly connected cable or a problem with the internal connections.

Survey chamber will not close or open, or does so very slowly

Bad cable? Check the cable. Pins number 1 and 4 should have 0 ohms (Ω) resistance. If there is 1 ohm of resistance, the cable is damaged and should be replaced.

Leaking bellows? If so, replace the bellows. See Replacing the bellows on the 10 cm chamber or Replacing the bellows on the 20 cm chamber

Leaky tube? Check that the bellows tube for leaks. Confirm that it is connected to the correct connector on the LI-8100A. See Connecting a survey chamber for details.

Bad or dirty check valves? See The bellows flow path.