What's what

If you have just taken delivery of your LI-8100A check the packing list to verify that you received everything ordered, including the following items:

Analyzer control unit

The analyzer control unit houses the system electronics and infrared gas analyzer. The interior of the control unit contains the indicator panel, brackets for the optional rechargeable battery, and an access panel that provides access to the memory card, wireless card, filters, and other components.

Auxiliary sensor interface

The auxiliary sensor interface (part number 8100-663) is to connect up to 8 ancillary sensors to the LI-8100A system without a multiplexer. It also provides connections for an external power supply. Typically you'll connect soil moisture probes or temperature probes to the interface, but you can log analog data from nearly any sensor. See Using the auxiliary sensor interface.

RS-232 serial cable

The RS-232 serial cable (part number 392-10587) is a 2-meter cable with a round connector on one end that connects to the RS-232 serial port on the left side of the analyzer control unit. The other end of the cable has a 9-pin female DB- 9 connector for attaching to your computer.

Most modern computers don't have an RS-232 serial port, so you'll need to use the serial-to-USB adapter (part number 6400-27) to make this connection. LI-COR provides a serial-to-USB adapter that is compatible with our instruments. Not all serial-to-USB adapters will work, however. The adapter must have the FTDI chipset to be compatible.

Ethernet cable

The Ethernet cable (part number 392-09436) is a 2-meter cable with a round connector on one end that connects to the Ethernet port on the left side of the analyzer control unit. The other end of the cable has an RJ45 (Ethernet) connector for attaching to your computer or to a network wall socket.

Ethernet card

The Ethernet card (part number 6400-26) is installed in the LI-8100A prior to delivery. It fits into one of the two internal PCMCIA (PC) card slots under the analyzer control unit access panel. The card has an RJ45 junction that connects to an internal Ethernet cable.

Wireless router

A TP-LINK TL-MR3040 wireless router (part number 590-16299) may be included in the spares kit. The wireless router is required if you want to connect with the LI-8100A using an iOS device (running iOS 9.0 and newer) or Android OS devices. See Connecting with the TP-Link Wireless Router for details.

CompactFlash® memory card

NOTE: Type II CompactFlash cards are slightly thicker than Type I cards; as a result, the adapter sleeve is also thicker, and may be more difficult to remove from the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit case when inserted in tandem with a wireless card.

The CompactFlash memory card (part number 8100-554) and adapter sleeve are installed in the LI-8100A prior to delivery. It is a Type I industrial grade card rated for high temperature use. Other commercially available cards are compatible with the LI-8100A. However, we cannot guarantee their stability under high temperatures. Type II CompactFlash cards can also be used with the LI-8100A, with the appropriate adapter sleeve.

Shoulder strap kit

The shoulder strap (part number 604-10643) can be attached to the analyzer control unit. Clip the strap ends to the rings that are attached to the analyzer control unit on either side of the handle.

Calibration sheet

This calibration sheet is a copy of the calibration information entered into the LI-8100A at the factory. Keep it in a safe place for future reference. LI-COR also retains copies of calibration information for your soil CO2 flux system.

Spare parts kit

This box contains replacement parts for your LI-8100A. As you become familiar with the system you will learn which items to keep close at hand and which items to store away. Additional spares kits are packaged with the soil chambers. An optional bellows kit (part number 8100-623) is also available from LI-COR that can be used to replace damaged bellows on either the 10 cm or 20 cm Survey Chambers.

The spares kits include these commonly used items:

Description Qty. LI-COR Part No.
Analyzer Control Unit Spares Kit 1 9981-032
O-rings 20 192-02597
Bev-a-line Tubing 10' 222-01824
Balston Disposable Air Filters 2 300-01961
Quick Connect Straight Union 1 300-03123
Quick Connect Right Angle 2 300-03125
Quick Connect Plug 2 300-07124
Quick Connect Coupling 1 300-07125
Quick Connect Union “Y” 2 300-03367
Quick Connect Port Plug 1 9981-118
3 Amp Fuse 1 439-04215
Auxiliary Sensor Interface Spares Kit 1 9981-028
Strain Relief 5 198-07221
EPDM Plugs 10 610-08324
Santoprene 1’ 222-08325
3 Amp Fuse 1 439-04215
Optical Bench Kit 1 9981-029
Wrapped Point Cleaning Swabs 5 610-05314
Sock Tip Swab 5 610-05315
Bev-a-line Tubing 1' 222-01824
O-rings 4 192-00226

Replacement parts

Over time, some parts of the instrument may fail and need to be replaced. The following items are most commonly replaced. Go to licor.com/order for ordering information.

Diaphragm pump upgrade kit

Part Number: 9981-174

Used to replace the older vane pump. Includes all of the hardware required to install the new pump.

Diaphragm pump replacement

Part Number: 9981-173

Direct replacement for the diaphragm pump.

Optical source

Part Number: 8100-902

The optical source or the gas analyzer.