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LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer


World standard for
indirect LAI measurements

The LAI‑2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer uses a non-destructive method to easily and accurately measure Leaf Area Index (LAI). It consistently outperforms other methods such as Ceptometry and Hemispherical Photography in terms of flexibility, advanced features, accuracy, and ease of use.


Measuring Leaf Area Index

This short video explains leaf area index, the LAI-2200C Plant Canopy Analyzer, and how it outperforms other methods such as Ceptometry and Hemispherical Photography.

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Canopy Variety

Computes LAI even in row crops and isolated trees that other methods cannot measure.

Any Sky

Accurate in most daylight conditions, unlike other methods which require specific sun angles or cloud cover.

Proven Results

Designed by both scientists and engineers to provide quick and accurate results, as well as advanced processing options.

True Gap Fraction

Measures five zenith angles in a single measurement.

Additional Features

Simple, yet powerful software.
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Automatic and independent logging.
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Integrated GPS and mapping options.
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Download this journal article
for a review of the LAI-2200C and other instrumentation for plant canopy measurements.

LAI-2200C Resources:

  • Featured Publications:
    • Pearse, G.D., Watt, M.S., Morgenroth, J. 2016. Comparison of optical LAI measurements under diffuse and clear skies after correcting for scattered radiation. Ag. and For. Meteorology, 221: 61-70
    • Kobayashi, H., Ryu Y., Baldocchi, D.B.,Welles, J.M., Norman, J.M. 2013. On the correct estimation of gap fraction: How to remove scattered radiation in gap fraction measurements? Ag. and For. Meteorology, 174-175: 170-183.
    • Welles, J.M., Cohen, S. 1996. Canopy structure measurement by gap fraction analysis using commercial instrumentation. Journal of Experimental Botany, 47: 1335-1342.

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