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New Soil Gas Flux Solutions

Proven systems for powerful results;
now able to measure more gases

Soil gas flux solutions from LI-COR are designed with flux in mind. Based on extensive scientific research and testing, the patented chamber designs ensure that your measurements are not confounded by the instrumentation itself. Advanced data processing with SoilFluxPro™ Software allows you to easily adjust critical parameters to quickly get the best results. No other soil gas flux solution gives you the same level of proven hardware design and advanced data processing needed to bring clarity to your measurements.

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Solutions for Your Gases of Interest

CO2 Measurements

Full LI-8100A System

Survey Systems

  • Rapidly survey CO2 emissions from many locations at a study site with the LI-8100A Survey System.
  • Expand the functionality of your LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System by making soil respiration measurements with the new Soil CO2 Flux Chamber.

Long-term Systems

Trace Gas Platform

CH4 and CO2 Measurements

Survey System Coming Soon

Long-Term System Coming Soon

Trace Gas Intigration with LI-8100A

Other Trace Gases

Survey System Coming Soon

Long-Term System

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