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Soil Gas Flux

LI-COR soil gas flux solutions are based on extensive scientific research and testing with patented designs that ensure your survey, long-term, and multiplexed measurements are not confounded by the instrumentation itself. Advanced data analysis and visualization with SoilFluxPro Software allows you to adjust and analyze critical parameters to quickly get comprehensive results from your data. No other soil gas flux solutions give you the same level of proven hardware and advanced data processing needed to bring clarity to your measurements.

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Smart Chamber

Survey Measurements

LI-COR survey measurement solutions allow for the rapid surveying of emissions of your trace gases of interest. A variety of chambers and gas analyzer configurations support a wide range of gas species and applications.

Survey Instruments

What makes LI-COR chambers different?

LI-COR soil gas flux solutions deliver proven hardware design and advanced data processing technology needed to bring clarity to your measurements.

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Long-Term and Multiplex Measurements

Capable of running autonomously for months and integrating up to 16 chambers at once, LI-COR long-term and multiplexed soil gas flux solutions are ideal for widely distributed measurements and assessment of temporal variation in gas fluxes. By integrating additional LI-COR or third-party gas analyzers, long-term and multiplexed systems also support fluxes of methane, isotopologues, and other gases.

Long-Term Systems

Minimizing the Impact of Chambers on Flux Measurements

An inherent challenge in instrument design is reducing the extent to which the instrument itself impacts what is being measured. LI-COR chambers are designed to reduce the interference of the chamber with the natural respiration of the soil, producing accurate and consistent measurements.

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SoilFluxPro icon

SoilFluxPro Software

The ultimate in data processing simplicity, SoilFluxPro is a powerful desktop application that allows you to analyze and visualize soil gas flux data from all LI-COR soil gas flux solutions. SoilFluxPro also allows for the computation of fluxes of trace gases and isotopologues using data imported from other analyzers.

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Why choose SoilFluxPro?

With SoilFluxPro software you can quickly and easily view, graph, edit, and analyze soil gas flux data, and view your flux data in the Google Earth™ mapping service.

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Flexible Solutions to Fit Your Research Needs

For survey measurements, long-term deployment, and integration into ecosystem-level gas exchange systems, LI-COR solutions offer durability, precision, and flexibility to fit your soil gas flux research needs.

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