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Trace Gas Analyzers

High performance in an entirely new, portable design

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LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzer Platform

Rugged, Portable,
and Easy to Use

We’ve been designing high performance infrared gas analyzers for more than 30 years, used and trusted by researchers and networks around the world.

Precise, accurate, and stable, yet still rugged and reliable, LI-COR’s new laser-based trace gas analyzers add a new dimension to trace gas measurements and monitoring.

Multiple patented technologies contribute to the PreciseTech™ Design of these analyzers, providing exceptional performance for atmospheric and soil gas flux measurements, at a price point that is unmatched in the industry for this type of precision analyzer. Choose the analyzer you need, with options for high precision CO2 or CH4 measurements.

LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer

Distinguishing Specifications

0.1 - 50 ppm
CH4 measurement range

High precision methane measurements (0.1 - 50 ppm) and CO2 measurements required for atmospheric monitoring, as well as for mobile applications.

0.1-10,000 ppm
CO2 measurement range

Wide CO2 measurement range of 0-10,000 ppm, for a variety of portable applications.

CH4 and CO2
combined soil gas flux

Can be used with the LI-COR Smart Chamber to make soil trace gas flux measurements, giving you soil CH4 and CO2 fluxes on-site.

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Trace Gas Analyzer with callouts

* Wi-Fi connectivity limited in some countries

Low Cost, High Performance

Funding is tight, but it shouldn't have to be the major impediment to your important research. We devoted our efforts toward designing cost-effective analyzers that give you the performance you need, with minimal maintenance requirements now and in the future.

  • Modular design means many components can be replaced in the field, without expensive repair or replacement costs
  • Highly stable optical bench means user calibration is required infrequently, for some applications
  • An all new design platform allows for rapid development cycles

Stay up to date as we add more gases

LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer with backpack in soil gas flux application Atmospheric measurements application LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer in flask measurement application LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer in soil gas flux application LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer in lab setting

Choose Your Application,
Without Limits

Because they’re weather resistant and portable, you’re not limited to a choice between indoor or outdoor applications. Add an analyzer to your tower for long-term concentration studies, expand your monitoring capabilities across a city or other area of interest, attach flasks for measuring CH4 and/or CO2 evolution of small fruits or animals, or connect a LI-COR Smart Chamber to measure soil gas flux, with or without methane measurements. The PreciseTech Design provides the flexibility to allow the analyzers to be used for a variety of different applications and research.

Go Where You Want,
When You Want

Lose the carts and wagons. The lightweight design and batteries that last all day mean you won’t be tied down with cartloads of equipment. For longer term measurements, or for remote locations, low power requirements mean you can operate the analyzers via solar or AC power. The durable, weather-resistant case requires no cooling apparatus, so there’s no need for additional equipment and elaborate field structures. A simple cover or stand is all that is required.

A backpack harness makes for easy transport to remote locations, so you can let your research take you where you want to go.

LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer display

Simple, Hassle-Free Results

Just connect your sample air tubing and power source, and turn the analyzer on. After a short warmup period, you’ll be collecting data, without hassles. The external, on-board display shows concentration measurements and diagnostic alerts.

Under most circumstances, you’ll never have to even crack the case open.

LI-7810 CH4/CO2/H2O Trace Gas Analyzer software

Web-Enabled, for Ultimate Convenience

Each of the analyzers has built-in data storage; enough for three months’ worth of data. If you need more storage, wired Ethernet allows for direct connection to a PC or Ethernet-compatible data logger.

An embedded webserver in the analyzers provides the ultimate in convenience. A simple, web-based user interface can be accessed with a web browser; just enter the IP address of the instrument to open the interface. And because they broadcast a Wi-Fi signal, you can control the instrument and view your data with any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including your Smartphone or tablet. In a few countries, the Wi-Fi broadcast may be restricted; in those cases, you can connect via the Ethernet cable, or link to your existing network, and then access the instrument via your Wi-Fi router or switch.

LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzer software screenshots
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