Power on problems

Check the power supply wire connections to be sure all the connections are secure.

Depending upon what is included in the system, the devices typically require between 12 and 28 VDC at 3 Amps (the maximum voltage allowed depends on components in the system). Check the power supply voltage at the enclosure to be sure it is adequate. With long power cables, expect some voltage drop between the origin and end of the cable. Be sure adequate voltage is delivered to each component in the system.

For the RV50X, be sure that both the white and red power supply wires are connected to the (+) power supply. The white lead controls a switch in the RV50X that must be activated before the RV50X will power on.

Cannot connect to RV50X using ACEmanager

  • Wait a few minutes for the RV50X to initialize; it may just need to finish.
  • Only connect one computer to the RV50X at a time. If you have connected multiple computers to the RV50X simultaneously, restart the RV50X and try connecting again.
  • Restart your web browser or use a different web browser.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Check the Ethernet cable to be sure it is good. Swap it out with another one to test it.
  • Check the user name and password.

Cell reception is poor (>-110 dBm)

  • Out of cellular range. Try to reposition the antenna to get better reception.
  • Antenna wires not tightened properly—check the cable connections and tighten them.

Connection problems

These problems are described as the inability to connect completely, or the inability to interact with the devices as expected.

I can connect to the internet through the RV50X, but I can't connect to my instruments over the internet

Does your data plan support two-way communication? If not, you'll be unable to connect. Try to connect to the modem's configuration page remotely via a web browser with one of the following (where is the RV50X external IP address):

  • or
  • (secure access)

If the log in page opens, then you have a public IP address.

Improperly entered Access Point Name (APN) from the network provider? Did the service provider give you an APN? See Configuring the access point name).

Improperly configured port forwarding in the RV50X? Check the port forwarding configuration, as described in Enabling port forwarding.

I can connect to the RV50X over the internet, but I can't connect to some instruments

This can be caused by an unplugged or faulty network cable or software configuration issues.

  • Check the Ethernet cable connections between each component and the switch to ensure that each cable is connected. Each port on the switch has Send and Receive LED indicators that blink when data are transferred.
  • Verify the port forwarding configuration, as described in Enabling port forwarding.
  • Verify the IP configuration for the instrument(s) you cannot connect to. See Configuring the instrument network.