Application Notes, Tech Tips, and Other Documents

Using the LI-Integrator app The LI-Integrator app is a simple Windows application that can compute area under the curve with data from LI-COR analyzers, including the LI-8xx series and LI-78xx series analyzers. application note
Measuring pCO2 and DIC in water A description of pCO2 and DIC systems. application note
Communicating with LI-COR instruments using LabVIEW Basic instructions that describe how to communicate with LI-COR instruments using LabVIEW. Includes sample programs to read data. application note
Air Pumps and Accessories for LI-COR Gas Analyzers: Suggested Parts and Vendors Suggested parts and vendors for air pumps and other accessories needed to flush the sample cells of many LI-COR closed-path gas analyzers. application note
The Importance of Water Vapor Measurements and Corrections This application note describes how water vapor influences the measurement of carbon dioxide by infrared gas analysis in several ways, which can lead to significant measurement errors. application note
FAQs on Source and Detector Replacement Frequently asked questions on the source and detector. faq
Installation Instructions for Embedded Software Instructions for updating the embedded (instrument) software in the LI-820 CO2 or LI-840 CO2/H2O Analyzers. install guide
Replacing the Source and Detector Instructions for replacing the optical source and detector. install guide
LI-820 CO2 Gas Analyzer Instruction Manual Instruction manual for the LI-820 CO2 Gas Analyzer. manual
Using the Sable Systems DG-4 to set the H2O span for LI-COR gas analyzers You can adjust the H2O span in many LI-COR gas analyzers with a dewpoint generated by the Sable Systems DG-4 Dewpoint Generator. This tech tip provides some details. tech tip
Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Data Tech Tip describing common causes and solutions to poor readings. tech tip
Troubleshooting RS-232 Connection Issues Tech Tip describing how to correct RS-232 connection issues. tech tip
Temporary Fix for a Bad Source Tech Tip describing a temporary fix for a bad optical source. tech tip