LI-COR Image Studio Software for Accurate Data Quantification

Image Studio™
Acquisition Software

Efficiently acquire and organize high-quality images from the following LI-COR imaging systems: Odyssey® CLx, Odyssey Fc, Odyssey Classic, Pearl® Trilogy, and C-DiGit® Blot Scanner.

Although Image Studio Software is no longer in development, we continue to sell and support it.

Image Studio
Empiria Studio

Our new analysis software, Empiria Studio® Software, is developed in alignment with publisher and granting agency best practices.

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Secure Findings

Secure Your Research Findings

Image Studio Software is designed to preserve the integrity of your raw quantitative image data, even if you adjust the display.

Don’t Risk Your Data

Using image-editing software that isn’t supported by LI-COR (like Adobe Photoshop®, Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor®, ImageJ, and others) can modify your raw image file and affect your data. With Image Studio Software, you can easily adjust your image to see what you need to, without having to worry about compromised images and data. Adjustment options only affect how raw data pixels are mapped to your screen, so your original experimental results are secure and untouched.

Read more about imaging analysis best practices.

Integrate All Things Data

Work efficiently with a multifunctional software that acquires, analyzes, and archives your work. From adjusting acquisition settings and image tonality, determining band intensities, and charting data, Image Studio Software provides a wealth of acquisition and signal identification features.

Image Studio screens

Get Started Quickly

This intuitive interface puts high-quality images at your fingertips with a few simple clicks. Image Studio can save your settings, so you just need to click once to capture an image the next time you start the software.

The same intuitive acquisition software is compatible with these LI-COR imaging systems: Odyssey CLx, Odyssey Fc, Pearl Imagers, and C-DiGit Blot Scanner.

Image Studio is compatible with both Windows® and Mac® operating systems. Multi-user licenses are available for use on multiple computers.

Get the Most Out of Your Software

A user-friendly ribbon-based interface keeps analysis tools handy for Western blot quantification and analysis of many other assays. Dedicated analysis tools are available for microplates, slides, gels, tissue sections, and small animal imaging. Importing and analyzing data from other instruments is simple.

Image Studio screens
Odyssey CLx

Make the Most of Your LI-COR Imaging System

Image Studio Software is compatible with older LI-COR imaging systems, including the Odyssey® CLx and Fc Imaging Systems, Pearl Imaging System, and C-DiGit Blot Scanner, and can be installed on both Windows® and Mac® operating systems.

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Empiria Studio® Software and Image Studio

Smoothly transition from quantification to analysis by combining Image Studio with the powerful, new Empiria Studio Software for a comprehensive acquisition and analysis solution.

Empiria Studio

Use Empiria Studio for Your Analysis

Empiria Studio Software is designed for the image analysis of near-infrared Western blots, gels, slides, and plates acquired on Odyssey Imagers. Built on a foundation of publisher best practices, Empiria Studio’s workflows minimize user-to-user variation, compute statistical values, and provide extensive analysis options to generate reliable and publishable results. Organizational tools, such as the Projects feature, ensure that your data are easily accessible and ready for submission.

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Image Studio

Use Image Studio for Image Acquisition and Analysis of Other Assays

Image Studio Software can be used for quick image acquisition for a variety of assays from LI-COR imaging systems, including Western blots, and for signal quantification and analysis of images from In-Cell Western and other assays.

Consider the latest software for your Odyssey System

An alternative to Image Studio Software for acquiring data on Odyssey imagers, the new LI-COR® Acquisition Software (LAS), designed for use with Empiria Studio Software, is now available.

LI-COR Acquisition Software (LAS) is included with the Odyssey M, Odyssey DLx, and Odyssey XF, and is compatible with the Odyssey Fc and Odyssey CLx. Designed to work with Empiria Studio analysis software, LAS features workflows for consistency and replicability, an image gallery for quick review of images, raw image preservation, and automatic image tagging to ensure accurate analysis.

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