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LI-COR Biosciences Offers $1.75 Million in Matching Funds for Genomics Education

May 13, 2009, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR Biosciences announces an enhanced matching funds program to support undergraduate and high school hands-on education in Genomics. $1.75 million in matching funds is available with LI-COR providing 60% of the funding to each qualifying institution in the United States.

The Genomics Education Matching Funds (GEMF) program now features a streamlined application process to help colleges acquire LI-COR DNA analysis systems for use by undergraduate students studying molecular biology and related fields. The new application process notifies institutions of award status within two weeks of submitting a fund request.

"Students who have the hands-on experience using the LI-COR system have a distinct advantage when they seek jobs and admission to post-graduate programs," says Jackie Potts, LI-COR GEMF coordinator. "GEMF-partner schools tell us that integrating the 4300 into their curriculum provides a competitive advantage for students and their department, noting that work on the analyzer allows students to be knowledge producers not just knowledge consumers."

More than 370 undergraduate programs are currently benefiting from the LI-COR GEMF and LEEF programs. The LEEF program helps primarily undergraduate institution acquire LI-COR environmental instrument systems for educational purposes.

LI-COR DNA analyzers are used in academic labs worldwide for a variety of research applications including sequencing, microsatellite analysis, AFLP®, and SNP discovery and reverse genetics research using TILLING and Eco-TILLING.

Click here for complete information on how schools may apply for a grant. Grants may be submitted between May 1 and September 30, 2009.

About LI-COR Biosciences

LI-COR Biosciences is a leading manufacturer of near-infrared imaging systems and LI-COR IRDye® infrared dye reagents for quantitative Western Blotting, small animal imaging, and DNA fragment analysis. The company also offers accessories and reagents for other detection types. LI-COR pioneered the development of near-infrared fluorescence detection systems for DNA sequencing and today provides systems for drug discovery, protein research, small animal imaging, and undergraduate training. LI-COR instruments for photosynthesis, carbon dioxide analysis and light measurement are recognized worldwide for standard-setting innovation in plant science research and environmental monitoring. Founded in 1971, the privately held company is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, with subsidiaries in Germany and the United Kingdom. LI-COR systems are used in over 100 countries and are supported by a global network of distributors.

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