LI-COR Chameleon Pre-Stained Protein Ladders for Western Blots

Chameleon® NIR Prestained Protein Ladders


Chameleon near-infrared (NIR) pre-stained protein ladders offer multi-colored, pre-stained proteins for both visual inspection and two-color near-infrared fluorescent detection.

  • Estimate molecular weights of your proteins using these broad-range recombinant proteins
  • Ensure good size coverage with Chameleon ladders ranging from 8 kDa to 260 kDa
  • Easily visualize gel migration and protein size
  • Orient your gel or membrane quickly

Chameleon Pre-stained Protein Ladders are optimized for use with Bis-Tris and Tris-Glycine gels.

Chameleon 700 or Chameleon 800 protein ladders can be used for one-channel analysis. Chameleon Duo can be used to perform two-color visible and near-infrared detection. For special cases, use the Chameleon Kit to customize a two-color protein ladder that suits the needs of your experiment.

Not sure which protein marker to choose? Visit How to Choose the Right Protein Ladder.

Protein Ladders Provide Reliable MW Marker Sequences

  • Chameleon Duo: 11 multi-colored, pre-stained bands
  • Chameleon 700: 7 multi-colored, pre-stained proteins
  • Chameleon 800: 6 multi-colored, pre-stained proteins
  • Chameleon Kit: Mix and match Chameleon 700 and Chameleon 800 to create the best protein ladder for your experimental needs.

Visible and NIR Images