Click Chemistry Reagents for Chemoselective Biomolecule Labeling

Near-Infrared Fluorescent Click Chemistry Reagents


Use Near-Infrared Click Chemistry Reagents for Biomolecule Labeling

Biomolecule labeling continues to be a cornerstone feature of many in vitro and in vivo biological experiments. Click Chemistry has become convenient and reliable method for labeling a wide variety of molecules for applications ranging from biomarker isolation to assay development.

Click Chemistry reagents from LI-COR offer several benefits:

  • Versatile alternatives to affinity-based detection
  • Chemoselectivity and easy-to-perform, high yielding reactions
  • Flexibility with a choice for copper-catalyzed and copper-free reactions

Click Chemistry Reactions

Click Chemistry utilizes pairs of reagents that exclusively react with each other and are effectively inert to naturally occurring functional groups such as amines.

Click Chemistry reactions can be categorized into two separate groups, copper-catalyzed or copper-free. Copper-catalyzed Click Chemistry is used for initiating reactions between azides and alkynes. Although they initiate and accelerate Click Reactions, copper catalysts are cytotoxic and inappropriate for use in living systems.

To address this limitation, copper-free methods have been developed to allow Click Chemistry with live cells and whole organisms.

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