IRDye 700 Labeled Oligos for Mobility Shift Assays

IRDye® 700 Dye-Labeled Oligonucleotides for Gel Shift Assays


A DNA oligonucleotide end-labeled with IRDye 700 is a good substrate for protein binding. IRDye DNA detection is linear within a 50-fold dilution range from 9.1 fmol to 0.18 fmol.

Additional benefits include no hazardous radioisotopes, no gel transfer to membrane or gel drying, no chemiluminescent substrate reagents, and no film exposure. Following electrophoresis, the gel can be imaged while in the glass plates. If necessary, the gel can be placed back in the electrophoresis unit and run longer.

Existing mobility shift assay protocols can be easily transformed into infrared assays by replacing the existing DNA oligonucleotides with IRDye oligonucleotides. The binding conditions and electrophoresis conditions will remain the same as with any other EMSA detection method.

NIR Fluorescent EMSA Reagents Overview