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For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

Model 4300 DNA Analyzer Operator's ManualOperator's Manual for the hardware specifications and operation of the Model 4300 DNA Analyzer.Manual
4300 DNA Analyzer Installation ManualThis installation manual steps through the process of setting up the 4300 DNA Analyzer in your lab.Installation Guide
Model 4300 Applications ManualThis is a basic guide to DNA sequencing with the LI-COR® infrared DNA sequencers. All aspects of automated sequencing are discussed, including template preparation, primer design, reagents, labeled primer sequencing, bi-directional sequencing, gel preparation, and software.Manual
Microsatellite Analysis Manual for the Model 4300 DNA AnalyzerMicrosatellite Analysis Manual for the Model 4300 DNA Analyzer.Manual