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For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

Locating Serial Number

See where you can find the serial number for your imager. The serial number format for the Pearl Imager is PRL-NNNNN, with NNNNN being five digits.

Pearl Accessories

For optional accessories used with the Pearl Imager.

Pearl_Manual_11422.pdfOperator's manual for the hardware specifications and operations of the Pearl Imager.Manual
Pearl Imager Precision in Organ AnalysisThe Pearl Imager provides uniform area illumination by laser excitation, effectively minimizing variability when imaging animals and organs. This document will illustrate some of these effects and provide guidance when imaging high and low intensity targets (i.e., organs, tissues) in the same field of view.Application Guide
In Vivo Animal Imaging Diet ConsiderationsAs presented in this application note, a simple consideration of what diet to feed mice prior to imaging could improve background levels significantly in the abdominal region.Application Guide