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For example, "reconstitute secondary antibody".

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Revert Total Protein Stain is a membrane-based, post-transfer stain that stains all the protein in your sample. Total protein staining allows you to normalize to the total protein in a lane and is considered the gold standard for Western blot normalization.

Revert 700 Total Protein Stain

  • Channel: 700 nm

  • Membrane Types: Nitrocellulose or PVDF

Revert 520 Total Protein Stain

  • Channel: 520 nm

  • Membrane Types: Nitrocellulose or PVDF

Frequently Asked Questions

It seems like Revert didn’t destain. What should I do?

There are a few conditions that are the most likely to lead to large amounts of residual stain. You may have a highly abundant target or a large amount of protein loaded. Also, be sure to complete the water rinse steps in the protocol.

Can I stain with Revert after adding my primary and secondary antibody?

If Intercept Protein-Free Blocking Buffer was used to block the membrane, you can use Revert Total Protein Stain after you have added your primary and secondary antibodies. The amount of protein contributed by the primary and secondary is negligible and shouldn't affect normalization using Revert Total Protein Stain.