Image Studio™ Software Connections Diagnostic Answer Portal

For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

Description: Image Studio Connections Diagnostic is a program that installs with Image Studio Software for Windows. It is used to diagnose connection problems between the instrument and Image Studio Software.

  • Image Studio Software Connections Diagnostic will show possible connection problems with information about how to address the problem. The program also provides a log file you can send to support for troubleshooting.

    The Connections Diagnostic program does not address connection problems. Instead, it diagnoses problems so that the appropriate person within your organization (for example, you or a system administrator) can make changes as appropriate.

  • The following instructions are for Image Studio version 5.2.5 and earlier.

How to Use

  1. Open Image Studio software .

  2. Choose your imager from the list.

  3. If a connection is not made (the Acquire ribbon says 'Not Available'), try to connect the imager again.

    Click the Image Studio application icon, then go to Instrument and click Connect.

  4. If you receive a 'No Instruments Available' error message, click Yes to start the Connections Diagnostic program.

  5. Click Continue to display the list of diagnostics.

  6. Click Start to begin the diagnostics.

The diagnostic tasks will run until they have completed or until a failure occurs. Each diagnostic task can be clicked on to learn more about the task and how to resolve issues with it.

  • Green diagnostic tasks indicate that the task was successful.

  • Yellow tasks are a warning that indicate that a part of your system may cause a connection to fail.

  • Red tasks are tasks that have failed and must be resolved.

If you need assistance troubleshooting connection issues, send an email to and include the ImageStudioConnectionsDiagnostics.log file. The log file is automatically saved on your Window's Desktop when Connections Diagnostic runs.