Serial Number

Pearl Imager

The serial number format will vary for Pearl Imagers depending on your model type.

  • PRL-NNNNN (PRL- followed by five numbers)

  • IMPULSE-NNNNN (IMPULSE- followed by five numbers)
  • TRILOGY-NNNNN (TRILOGY- followed by five numbers)

Find the Serial Number on the Imager

  • There may be a card with the serial number printed on it attached to the side of the imager.

  • A plate on the back of the imager will have the serial number printed on it.

    Note: The appearance of your instrument's back panel may vary slightly from the one shown.

Find the Serial Number in Image Studio™ Software

  1. Start Image Studio and connect to the imager.

  2. On the Acquire tab, hover the mouse pointer over the Status group and a tooltip with the serial number will be displayed.