Work Area

Work Area: A folder used to store images, analysis data, software settings, and log files. The following are contents of a Work Area:

  • Database file: Contains analysis data and software settings.
  • Log Folder: Contains log files of Image Studio Software operations.
  • Images Folder: Contains images from acquisitions taken in the current Work Area and images imported into the Work Area.

Work Area Folder Structure

How to Create and Use Work Areas to Facilitate Data Management

Best Practices for Getting the Most from a Work Area

Work Areas in Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11

A Work Area is a grouping of images and data. Software settings and analysis settings can be saved for each Work Area.

In the Image Studio 21 CFR Part 11 client, Groups have access to Work Areas. Groups are then assigned to users to allow users in the Group access to the images, data, and software presets in the Work Area. A Work Area can be assigned to multiple Groups.

A Work Area can be created in one of two ways:

  • A System Manager can create a Work Area through the System Management Tool.
  • A user with a Role that has the Create Work Area action allowed can create a Work Area in the client.