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Eddy Covariance Software

LI-COR has developed unique data acquisition and flux computation, communication, and analysis software applications for every step in the eddy covariance research process. LI-COR eddy covariance systems compute flux results in real time with EddyPro® Software, which runs on the SmartFlux® System just as it does on your desktop computer. Your flux results are always online with FluxSuite™ software, and now, complete your analysis with Tovi™ software: a new suite of powerful eddy covariance post-processing tools.

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EddyPro Software

The community standard flux processing software

EddyPro® Software is a powerful, free, and open source application for processing eddy covariance data. Developed in collaboration with the eddy covariance research community, EddyPro uses the most accepted and cited techniques to compute fully-processed fluxes of water vapor (evapotranspiration), carbon dioxide, methane, other trace gases, and energy, using the eddy covariance method.

EddyPro is widely adopted by eddy covariance researchers and research networks as their standard processing software, empowering the most accurate cross-comparisons of ecosystem fluxes around the world. The latest version, EddyPro 7, is the only processing software developed in collaboration with Fluxnet, Ameriflux, and the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS), allowing you to consistently meet formatting standards for submission and future synthesis studies.

+ What’s new in EddyPro 7?

Over 7000 free
downloads in 176 countries.

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Version 7.0.6 | Released 12/18/2019

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Results On Site with the
SmartFlux® System

SmartFlux is the on-site processing and GPS synchronization component of LI-COR eddy covariance systems. At the heart of SmartFlux is EddyPro Software. Running on a microcomputer inside the SmartFlux module, EddyPro provides fully processed flux results in real time using raw data from a LI-COR gas analyzer and a sonic anemometer.

The SmartFlux System is included with the purchase of an LI-7500DS or LI-7200RS gas analyzer. It also is available as an upgrade for existing eddy covariance flux systems.

+ Why SmartFlux?

Always Online with
FluxSuite® Software

With FluxSuite Software, you can view real-time final fluxes, processed by EddyPro Software on the SmartFlux System, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

+ Why FluxSuite?

Introducing Tovi:
Inspired Tools for Ecosystem Analysis

Get to ecosystem insights and scientific discovery faster than ever before. Key features include:

Footprint Modeling

Determine the footprint of your flux measurements around your tower with the Flux Footprint Prediction model or new Footprint-Driven Flux Allocation Technique.

Flux Gap Filling

Get complete flux data for your carbon budget analysis and use automated weather station data retrieval as driver variables for the Marginal Distribution Sampling (MDS) gap-filling technique.


Make your complex eddy covariance data understandable, accessible, and usable with fingerprint plots, coverage graphs, u* threshold detection, dashboards, and more.

Tovi will change the way you see your eddy covariance data. Visit for a complete overview of features, tutorial videos, license information, and to start a free trial.


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