Getting Started

The LAI-2200C calculates Leaf Area Index (LAI) and other canopy attributes from light measurements made with a “fish-eye” optical sensor (148° field-of-view). Measurements made above and below the canopy are used to calculate canopy light interception at five zenith angles, from which LAI is computed using a model of radiative transfer in vegetative canopies.

The LAI-2200C (or LAI-2200 equipped with the 2200CLEAR upgrade kit) includes a built-in GPS module (Global Positioning System).

What’s What

If you have just taken delivery of your LAI-2200C, check the packaging list and verify the contents of the shipment. The following components should be included:

LAI‑2270C Control Unit

The LAI‑2270C Control Unit (console) is used to configure instrument settings, store recorded data, and compute results. An internal GPS module supplies location data. The LAI‑2270C is shipped with 4 “AA” alkaline batteries, which can provide up to 90 hours of operation. An internal lithium backup battery maintains the clock when the main batteries are removed. Refer Control Unit for a complete description.

LAI‑2250 Optical Sensor

The LAI‑2250 Optical Sensor (wand) is the data collection component of the LAI-2200C. It is shipped with two “AA” alkaline batteries, which can provide over 140 hours of typical operation. A protective cap is provided to cover the bulkhead connector. Refer to Optical Sensor for a complete description.

The optical sensor contains high precision optical components, including lenses, optical filters, and light sensors. It should be treated like an expensive camera lens and protected from impacts and intense vibration. See Maintenance for complete care instructions.

View Caps

Five view restricting caps, a pin-hole cap, a solid cap, and a diffuser are provided with the LAI-2200C (part number 9920-005). The view restricting caps serve to limit the azimuthal field of view of the optical sensor in circumstances in which it is necessary or desirable to block part of the view. The solid cap (part number 6520-020) should be used to protect the lens when it is not in use. The white diffuser cap (part number 6522-117) is used for collecting the ancillary data for applying scattering corrections when operating in direct sunlight (See Sun). The drilled cap (cap with the small pinhole drilled in the middle) is used for collecting leaf transmittance and reflectance properties (see Procedure 2.14 - Measuring Leaf Transmittance and Reflectance).

Figure 1‑1. View caps used with the LAI-2200C. The solid black cap is to protect the lens. The diffuser is covered with protective paper—remove it before collecting data.

Sensor Cables

One 6-pin cable (part number 9922-127) with bulkhead connectors is provided with each optical sensor. It is used to connect the optical sensor to the control unit.

Data Cable

A USB Type A to USB Type Mini-B cable (part number 392-07872) is provided to transfer data between the LAI-2200C and a computer.

FV2200 Software

File Viewer 2200 (FV2200) is the software package for processing data from the LAI-2200C on your computer. It is available for Windows®, Mac OSX®, and Linux. Download the latest version using the following link:

FV2200 includes data analysis, charting, GPS mapping, and support for the scattering correction for measurements made in direct sunlight (see Data Analysis with FV2200).


In addition, the LAI-2200C includes the accessories listed below.

Bubble Levels

Two bubble levels are provided with each optical sensor. The bottom level (part number 610-03047) attaches to the underside of the optical sensor for use in situations in which the sensor is held over the operator’s head. The top level (part number 610-03048) attaches to the top of the optical sensor.

Both levels look similar. The top level, however, has the manufacturer’s name printed on the bottom, whereas the bottom level does not. The top level also has the circle printed on the glass, whereas the bottom level has the circle printed on the white background.

Lens Cleaning Kit

The Lens Cleaning Kit (part number 610-03100) includes cleaning solution and lens cleaning cloth.

Carrying Carabiner

A carabiner (part number 610-10456) is included to allow hands-free transportation of the control unit. The clip attaches to the base of the control unit with a ring. It can be attached to the user’s belt loop.

Calibration Sheet

The calibration sheet indicates the angular response of your LAI‑2250 and its response in an isotropic environment. It is a good idea to store the calibration sheet in a safe location. If it is lost, contact LI-COR for the calibration information for your instrument.

Instruction Manual

The Instruction Manual contains basic operating and maintenance information for the LAI-2200C.

Accessory Kits

Two accessory kits are provided, one for the control unit (part number 9922-107), and one for each optical sensor (part number 9922-108). They include frequently replaced components.