Application Notes, Tech Tips, and Other Documents

Underwater Sensor Cable Connections Technical tip that describes proper cable connections for LI-192 and LI-193 Underwater Quantum and Spherical Quantum Sensors. application note
Calibration Procedures for LI-COR Spectroradiometers, Radiation Sensors, and Lamps This application note summarizes LI-COR factory calibration procedures for all quantum sensors, photometric sensors, and spectroradiometers. application note

Immersion Effects and Cosine Collecting Properties of LI-COR Underwater Radiation Sensors

Application note describing how to correct for immersion effects in order to obtain absolute values of irradiance under water.

application note
Principles of Radiation Measurement

Brochure describing the fundamental principles of light and radiation measurements using light sensors.

Using the 2420 with quantum sensors Installation instructions for the 2420 light sensor amplifier and the LI-COR quantum sensors. install guide
Underwater Radiation Sensors Instruction Manual Instruction manual for the LI-192 and LI-193 Underwater Radiation Sensors. manual
Using LI-COR light sensors with National Instruments wireless sensor networks Technical note describing how to use LI-COR light sensors in National Instruments Wireless Sensor Networks tech tip
Preventing Negative Readings with LI-COR Light Sensors Tech tip that describes why you might get negative readings from a LI-COR light sensor and how to solve the problem. tech tip
Using LI-COR Millivolt Adapters for Interfacing LI-COR Radiation Sensors to Voltage-Reading Data Loggers Tech tip that describes how to connect a light sensor to a voltage reader tech tip
Amplifying the Output Signal from LI-COR Radiation Sensors Technical tip describing how to amplify the signal from LI-COR radiation sensors for use with other manufacturer's data logging devices. tech tip
Dimensional Drawing for Mounting LI-192 Underwater Quantum Sensor This technical tip provides dimensional drawings that can be used to mount the LI-192 Underwater Quantum Sensor to a user-supplied mounting fixture. tech tip
Measuring PPFD and PPFFR With LI-COR Underwater Radiation Sensors This technical tip describes how to mount two upward-facing underwater radiation sensors to the 2009S Lowering Frame to measure PPFD or PPFFR. tech tip
Obtaining Correct Values with LI-COR Underwater Radiation Sensors Document describing how to ensure that you get correct values with underwater light sensors. tech tip