Transferring data from the LI-8100A

Data files are stored in the LI-8100A memory, either in the instrument storage or on a CompactFlash card in the instrument. Regardless of where it is stored, it is simple to download data files from the instrument to your computer.

Transfer data over a serial, USB, or network connection

1. Connect the instrument to a computer

2. Open the file transfer tool

Click Utilities > File Manager. You will see a list of files and folders on your PC, a list of files stored in the LI-8100A internal memory, and a list of files stored in the LI-8100A CompactFlash card.

3. Set the destination for the files

Under Local PC, select the folder where you want to store the files.

4. Select the files that you want to copy

Select one or multiple files using Shift + Click or Ctrl + Click.

5. Transfer the data

Click Transfer to PC to move the files.

WARNING: Do not click Delete or Delete All unless you are absolutely certain that you do not want the data. Deleted files are not recoverable.

6. Open the files

SoilFluxPro software is for the next steps of processing, evaluating, and recomputing data logged to the LI-8100A.

SoilFluxPro™ software (formerly FV8100) is a free PC- and Mac-compatible application for analyzing data from the LI-8100A. In SoilFluxPro, you can recompute data sets, graph data, analyze results, and create .kml files for mapping georeferenced measurements. SoilFluxPro is an essential part of the LI-8100A system.

Get it from

Transfer data from the CompactFlash card

If you logged data to the CompactFlash card, you can simply eject it and copy data from it in the same way you would from a USB drive, for example. Your computer will need a CompactFlash card reader to do this.

The card is under the access panel. Power off the LI-8100A prior to ejecting the card.