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Free Software for Western Blot Quantification

Designed specifically for Western blot quantification, Image Studio™ Lite is simple, intuitive software. Its streamlined, ribbon-based design empowers you to quickly analyze and export images. Select bands quickly and quantify signal intensity without altering raw data.

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“You can sort your files based on parameters such as image date, the type of analysis, or the fluorescent color channels you used.”

Software for Image Analysis. Dance, A. (2016) The Scientist

"Software was really helpful in all aspects, especially for measuring the intensity of western blot images, recommended for other colleagues as well."

Ganesh Umapathy of Gothenburg University, Sweden via SelectScience® Reviews

“…Image Studio Lite provides additional data management features along with annotation tools for producing publication-ready images of your westerns.”

Analyzing gels and western blots with ImageJ. Miller, L. (2010).

Eliminate Variability in Blot Quantification

  • Import images in .jpg, .png, and .tif file formats
  • Adjust image display without changing your raw data
  • Select bands and quantify signal intensities quickly

Produce Publication-Ready Images

  • Annotate bands to produce publication-ready images
  • Export data for publication or create experiment reports for your colleagues
Using an Odyssey® Imaging System?

Try Empiria Studio® Software today and enhance your Odyssey workflow with the only Western blot analysis software designed to consistently deliver quality results based on the latest scientific best practices and publisher requirements.

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Optional Software Keys for Additional Analysis

Four software analysis keys are available for Image Studio Lite version 5.0 (or higher). You can download the latest version of Image Studio Lite to use the keys.

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