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LI-COR Announces Additions to Reagent and Antibody Product Line

October 30, 2007, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR Biosciences introduces two innovative reagent products for use with infrared imaging. NewBlot Western Blotting Stripping Buffer and Smart Gel are uniquely suited to the researchers needs for superior protein detection. A new IRDye® 680 Donkey Anti-Goat antibody joins a growing list of available infrared antibodies from LI-COR.

NewBlot Western Blotting Stripping Buffer is the first, effective solution for stripping and re-probing membranes used on the LI-COR Odyssey® Infrared Imaging System. Specially formulated for use with IRDye 680 and 800CW Infrared Dyes, NewBlot removes antibodies yet retains immobilized proteins. Odyssey nitrocellulose and Immbolilon®-FL PVDF membrane blots can be used up to three times with New Blot Stripping Buffer.

Smart Gel features a newly formulated protein electrophoresis technology that offers full range resolution, similar to a gradient gel, of a wide range of proteins in a simple to use continuous gel electrophoresis format. Smart Gel resolves at 14.2 and 14.4 kDa on a mini-gel, as well as separate 3.5 kDa and 212 kDa on the same gel. Smart Gel is compatible with Western Blot and common stain methods.

Available in ready to use, premixed solutions that are stable for at room temperature for 12 months. Smart Gel is easy to pour with no stacking gel is required. Smart Gel is available in 7.5%, 10%, 12.5% solutions both in 100ml and 500ml pack sizes.

The new IRDye 680 Donkey Anti-Goat antibody is cross-absorbed for multiplex detection and provides high specificity for multiple applications. IRDye 680 Donkey Anti-Goat antibody is optimized for high sensitivity and excellent signal-to-noise performance on LI-COR Odyssey and Aerius Imaging Systems.

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