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LI-COR Launches Multi-color Protein Ladder Family for Visual and NIR Detection

July 31, 2014, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR’s newest product family, the Chameleon Pre-stained Protein Ladders, offers the unique advantage of multi-colored visible and 2-color near infrared (NIR) fluorescence detection in a single ladder. Each product provides an array of sharp and distinctive bands of recombinant proteins for molecular weight determination in a broad size range.

Chameleon products are optimized for use with Odyssey® Infrared Imaging Systems.

"This first-of-its-kind technology with matching multi-color visible and NIR bands, will simplify determination of protein size, gel migration, and membrane orientation," says Shawn Mischnick, technical product manager at LI-COR Biosciences. "The Chameleon product family will provide customers with a versatile solution to best suit their NIR Western blotting needs," she adds.

The Chameleon family is comprised of four products. The Chameleon Duo Pre-stained Protein Ladder resolves into 11 bands of orange, blue or green, ranging from 8 to 260 kDa upon electrophoresis, and is an ideal size standard for dual-channel (700 nm and 800 nm) NIR detection. The Chameleon 700 Pre-stained Protein Ladder separates into 7 multi-colored bands, and can be detected in the 700 nm NIR channel. Similarly, the Chameleon 800 Pre-stained Protein Ladder yields 6 corresponding bands for visual and 800 nm NIR detection. The Chameleon Kit, consisting of a vial each of Chameleon 700 and Chameleon 800, enables customization of protein ladder intensity in each channel, and offers detection capabilities of Chameleon Duo when the components are combined.

Learn more about the Chameleon Pre-Stained Protein Ladder family.

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