Odyssey® Chemifluorescent Substrate and Kits


Do you have a few stubborn protein targets that are especially challenging to detect using near-infrared dye-labeled secondary antibodies? When you use the Odyssey Chemifluorescent Substrate Kits, you can detect these challenging targets.

With the Odyssey Chemifluorescent Substrate, you can get the benefits of near-infrared fluorescence detection with few changes to your chemiluminescent protocol. The substrate is oxidized by horseradish peroxidase (HRP) from the HRP-conjugated secondary antibodies, generating a precipitate that fluoresces and can be detected in the 700nm channel of Odyssey Imaging Systems.

Odyssey Chemifluorescent Substrate Kits:

  • Are easy to incorporate into existing chemiluminescence detection protocols
  • Allow you to detect those targets that do not work well with fluorescent detection methods
  • Combine the simplicity of chemiluminescence with the stability of fluorescence detection

When using chemifluorescent substrates, avoid using Odyssey blocking buffers or any other blocking buffers or antibody diluents that contain sodium azide, as it inhibits HRP activity.

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