Preparing Your Computer for Imager Installation

If you would like to get a head start setting up your computer for the installation of a new Odyssey Imager or if you are replacing the computer connected to your Odyssey Imager, please contact a LI‑COR Support representative for help determining the computer setup that will work best for your group.

This page summarizes some of the main considerations for setting up the computer that will be connected to the Odyssey Imager.

System Description

This is a brief description of the networking capabilities of the PC purchased from LI‑COR.

  • There are two network interface cards (NICs).

  • One NIC will be used to connect to the Odyssey Imager. The other NIC can be used for the local network connection ("LAN"). These NICs can be configured separately to meet the requirements of the Odyssey Imager and the LAN, if needed.


These settings need to be configured on the computer from LI‑COR to allow communication with the Odyssey Imager.

  • The PC should be connected directly to the imager.

  • TCP port 50000 (for the connection to the imager) and UDP port 5353 (for mDNS auto discovery) must be open (not blocked by firewall rules).

  • IPv4 and IPv6 ports must be enabled on the NIC associated with the Odyssey imager.

    Your LAN does not need to support IPv6. IPv6 is only needed to connect the computer with the Odyssey imager.

  • Security protocols blocking IPv6 connections will prevent the computer from connecting to the LI‑COR imager.

    LI‑COR cannot help you make changes to your security software. There are diagnostic capabilities included in LI‑COR Acquisition Software to help identify the cause of connection problems, but changes need to be discussed with the appropriate parties at your organization.


For troubleshooting information, see the Troubleshooting Connection Problems page.