Visible Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies for Microscopy

Visible Fluorescent Secondary Antibodies


Use Visible Fluorescent Dye Conjugates for Microscopy and Flow Cytometry

LI-COR’s visible fluorescent dye products include labeled secondary antibodies and labeling kits.

VRDye 549, VRDye 490, and IRDye® 650 secondary antibodies are labeled with visible fluorescent dyes and are optimized for use in Western blotting, microscopy, immunohistochemistry, and flow cytometry applications when imaged on instruments with suitable excitation and emission filters.

These secondary antibodies, like LI-COR IRDye infrared fluorescent secondary antibodies, are highly cross-adsorbed.

The visible fluorescent protein labeling kits are ideal if you need to label your custom monoclonal antibodies for flow cytometry.

Properties of Visible Fluorescence NHS Ester Dyes

Dye Absmax Emmax ε (M-1cm-1) MW (g/mole) CF*
VRDye 549 550 575 150,000 1,040 0.07
VRDye 490 491 515 73,000 1,011 0.11

*CF is a correction factor for the absorbance of the dye at Absmax to the absorbance of the protein at 280 nm.