Permissions Overview

Administrative permissions are provided at two basic levels: Station Administration and User Administration. General users, however, can have most station administration permissions if assigned by the user administrator, as shown in Table 3‑1.

Table 3‑1. Permissions available to general users, station administrators, and user administrators.
Permission General Users Station Administrators User Administrators
Reset Your Own Password
Download Data
Manage Users
Manage Alerts
Subscribe to Alerts
Edit Station Information
Assign Stations to Users
Add New Stations
Deactivate Stations
Add Users
Reset Other User's Passwords
Deactivate Users
Edit User Information
Change User Roles


Full permission
Permission available to general users if granted by administrator
Permission not available

Station Administration

Station Administrators have full access to stations that are registered on the FluxSuite Server and can register new stations (Manage Stations). Station Administrators can Manage Alerts for a Station, Download Summary Reports, Manage Stations, and Deactivate Stations.

User Administration

User Administrators have full access to User Profile features on the FluxSuite Server. User Administrators can Add Users to FluxSuite, Editing User Information, and Change User Roles.

Important: User Administrators can disable their own User Admin permissions. If you are a User Administrator, and disable User Admin permission for your own profile, you'll have to contact another administrator to re-enable your permissions.