Get connected

There are six ways to connect your computer or mobile device to the LI-8100A. The way that works best for you depends on the accessories in your instrument and your computer configuration. We go through the possibilities below.

  To connect using...   ...see... can...
Configure Instrument Transfer Data
USB or serial to a Windows® computer Connecting over serial or USB.
Ethernet directly to a Windows computer Connecting directly over Ethernet.
Ethernet to a Windows computer on a network Connecting over a local area network.
Wireless to a Windows computer Connecting to a computer over wireless.
Wireless to an older iOS device Connecting with iOS version 8.4.1 and older.  
Wireless to a newer iOS or Android device Connecting with the TP-Link Wireless Router.  

Connecting over serial or USB

These are both very dependable ways to connect with the instrument, and may be required to configure the network connection settings. See First Things First for details.