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Odyssey® Fc Imaging System

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Technology that helps you do more, see more, and discover more

Do More with Multiple Channels

Switch to the imager that lets you make new discoveries in more channels. Streamline your ECL protocol, or perform two-color multiplex detection using near-infrared fluorescence. Either way, you get clear images with low background.

Document your agarose and PAGE gels stained with Ethidium Bromide, SYBR® Safe, SYBR® Green I, and many other popular DNA stains. Disposable imaging trays prevent contamination, for more confidence in the quality of your results – without the need for harmful UV light.

See More without Changing Settings or Sacrificing Data Integrity

Quick imaging and quantification with Image Studio™ Software

This simple, intuitive interface puts high-quality data at your fingertips with a few simple clicks. No more manual camera adjustments or multiple exposures. Image Studio can save your settings, so you can just click once to capture an image the next time you start the software.

With Image Studio, you can easily adjust your image to see what you need to, without having to worry about compromised images and data.

Download Free Image Studio Software

Introducing Empiria Studio™ Software

Empiria Studio is the only software that gives you the ability to analyze validation blots, compare replicates, perform statistical analysis, share your results, and more.

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Image Studio Software

Empiria Studio combinded linear range

Empiria Studio Software

Get high quality images without artificial software enhancements

Other digital imagers modify images after capture to correct for non-uniform image brightness or to artificially improve the exposure.

Other imagers manipulate images post-capture by:

  • Binning: Some CCD imagers combine groups of pixels to improve signal-to-noise ratio, which reduces image resolution.
  • Flat fielding: Other CCD imagers need to correct for non-uniform illumination caused by the lens, filter, or other optical components. These imagers alter image data through a software algorithm called “flat fielding” to compensate for non-uniformity.
  • Image stacking: Some imagers acquire many images to get the nicest looking data. These imagers will select the best image from a “stack” of images or use software algorithms to combine a set of images into a single image (image stacking).

On the other hand, the Odyssey Fc’s patented optics deliver uniform, low background images every time with no post-capture image manipulation. With the Odyssey Fc, you can be confident you have the most accurate, reproducible data.

LI-COR: Complete Data Capture Binning Data Loss

Other CCD imagers artificially improve signal-to-noise (SNR), but sacrifice image resolution. “Binning” is a software algorithm that combines groups of pixels to create an image with improved SNR, but reduced image resolution. Because the Odyssey Fc is designed to collect low-background images, binning is not necessary, and faint bands can be detected at the CCD’s full resolution.

Unsupported image editing and analysis software programs can compromise the integrity of your data, as they are not intended for Western blot image analysis. Image Studio™ Software never alters raw experimental data and is custom-built for Western blots. Always use Image Studio or Image Studio Lite software for image adjustments, quantitation, and annotation of data acquired on LI-COR imaging systems. See other best practices for image analysis.

Discover more with a patented optical design

Capture uniform images with the FieldBrite™ XT2 optical system

Uniform laser illumination from the FieldBrite XT2 optical system powers the Odyssey Fc to capture uniform, low-background images every time. In fact, the field of view throughout the Odyssey Fc varies less than 3%. Get the accurate image you need without the artificial image enhancements other imagers perform.

Read on to see how FieldBrite XT2 delivers consistent results.

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See More without Sacrificing Image Quality

Read about highly accurate quantitation from an optimal image in 'FieldBrite XT2 Optical System Within the Odyssey® Fc Imaging System.'

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Find detailed answers with a wider linear range

When compared to film or other imagers, the Odyssey Fc exhibits a wider linear dynamic range (over 6 logs). Although film and other imagers count an additive number of photons from your blot, the Odyssey Fc measures the rate of photon detection. This superior detection method allows the Odyssey Fc to effectively reject noise.

Compare the Odyssey Fc to the competition: Western blot imaging with film and digital methods: Impact of exposure time on limit of detection, signal saturation, and linear dynamic range.

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Discover More with a Wide Linear Dynamic Range

Read about an experiment that evaluated chemiluminescent detection methods in 'Western blot imaging with film and digital methods: Impact of exposure time on limit of detection, signal saturation, and linear dynamic range.'

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