In-Cell Western Assay Kits with CellTag Stains

In-Cell Western Assay Kits and Reagents


Perform Fast, Cost-Effective Cell-Based Western Assays

The In-Cell Western Assay is an immunocytochemical assay that uses fluorescence to detect and quantify proteins in cells that have been cultured in microplates. Detecting proteins in their cellular context increases quantification precision.

This process allows for higher throughput compared to Western blotting and eliminates typical Western blotting steps such as cell lysate preparation, electrophoresis, and membrane transfer. Cost per well is reduced to a fraction of the cost of typical screening methods with CellTag Stain In-Cell Western Kits.

CellTag Stains are a fluorescent, non-specific cell stain that provides accurate normalization to cell number for In-Cell Western applications. The stain accumulates in both the nucleus and cytoplasm of permeabilized cells and provides linear fluorescent signal across a wide range of cell types and cell numbers. CellTag Stains are applied to the cells during incubation with IRDye® Secondary Antibodies and enable accurate measurement of target protein levels with much higher throughput than Western blotting.