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C‑DiGit Blot Scanner Answer Portal

For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

The C‑DiGit Blot Scanner is an affordable, small footprint solution used to image chemiluminescent Western blots.

Locating Serial Number

See where you can find the serial number for your imager. The serial number format for the C‑DiGit is CDG-NNNNNN, with NNNNNN being six digits.


Specifications for the C‑DiGit Blot Scanner.

Driver for Windows 10

With Windows 10, a separate driver is needed to connect your C‑DiGit to Image Studio via USB.

PDF Documents

The C‑DiGit Operator's Manual and other documents are available in PDF format. The content is also available in support pages below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my image show up as all black or all white?

This means that signal is too faint or weak to detect. You can try using a more sensitive substrate or fresh substrate may be needed. Allow the blot to incubate for a full 5 minutes before setting it in the C‑DiGit to scan.

I chose an ‘exposure’ after acquiring an image, but now I want to choose a different one. How do I do that?

On the Image ribbon, click Choose to bring up the display changes. Acquired images do not use different exposures. Instead, they are the same image with different display settings.