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Empiria Studio® Software Answer Portal

For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

  • Description: Empiria Studio analyzes images from a variety of assays acquired using LI‑COR Acquisition Software or Image Studio™ Software (versions 4.0.21 or 5.x) and an Odyssey Imager.

  • Compatible Imagers: Odyssey M, Odyssey DLx, Odyssey XF, Odyssey CLx, Odyssey Fc, C‑DiGit, Odyssey Classic, Odyssey Sa, and Aerius

  • Licensing: Each lab member using Empiria Studio will need the software installed on their computer with a license connected to their individual LI-COR Account.

  • Current Version: 2.3

Getting Started

Computer Requirements

Requirements and recommendations to ensure your computer can run Empiria Studio® Software.

Download Empiria Studio Software

Download the latest version of Empiria Studio Software.

Quick Start

A guide to get you started using Empiria Studio to analyze images from an Odyssey Imager.

Video Tutorials

Tutorial videos for Empiria Studio are available at the link above and additional videos are available on the video tutorials and webinars page.

Data Folders

Learn how to create, manage, and backup a Data Folder.


See how Empiria Studio performs quantification and statistical calculations of signal and background for the following assays:

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