Odyssey XF

Odyssey XF Imager Answer Portal

For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

The Odyssey XF is used to image membranes, protein gels, and nucleic acid gels using 2-color near-infrared fluorescence and chemiluminescence.

Getting Connected

Get a head start setting up your computer to connect to an Odyssey XF Imager with these steps.

Detection Channel Summary

A summary of the detection channels available on the Odyssey XF Imager.


Specifications for the Odyssey XF Imager.

Locating Serial Number

See where you can find the serial number for your imager. The serial number format for the Odyssey XF is OXF-NNNN, with NNNN being four digits.

Problems with your drawer?

If your drawer is stuck, noisy, or won’t open/close, contact biohelp@licor.com for assistance. For now, do not open or close the drawer with the power on. Instead, power off the Odyssey XF to open or close the drawer.

PDF Documents

The Odyssey XF Operator's Manual and other documents are available in PDF format. The content is also available in support pages below.