Odyssey M

Odyssey M Imager Answer Portal

For example, "Connect Odyssey M to LI-COR Acquisition".

The Odyssey M is used to image membrane-based, plate-based, slide-based, and gel-based assays in up to 18 channels, including white light, luminescence (bioluminescence and chemiluminescence), and fluorescence (near-infrared and visible).

Getting Connected

Get a head start setting up your computer to connect to an Odyssey M Imager with these steps.

Detection Channel Summary

A summary of the detection channels available on the Odyssey M Imager.


Specifications for the Odyssey M Imager.

Locating Serial Number

See where you can find the serial number for your imager. The serial number format for the Odyssey M is ODM-NNNN, with NNNN being four digits.

PDF Documents

The Odyssey M Operator's Manual and other documents are available in PDF format. The content is also available in support pages below.