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LI-COR Introduces Dye Decontamination Solution for Small Animal Imaging

October 21, 2010, Lincoln, NE: LI-COR Biosciences introduces a Dye Decontamination kit that safely removes dye contamination from the skin of small animals. External dye on the surface of animals can interfere with target detection during imaging.

"Water and alcohol are not very effective for dye residue removal, and depilatory creams can irritate the skin of an animal," says Jeff Harford, LI-COR product manager. "Our new kit offers an effective and safe way to remove dye from both the animal and the surface of the imaging bed."

LI-COR offers a complete solution for small animal imaging including a line of BrightSite Optical Agents for use on its Pearl® Impulse Small Animal Imaging System and other systems that use near-infrared detection methods. BrightSite Optical Agents include: 2-DG Optical Probe, HA (Hyaluronan) Optical Probe, EGF Optical Probe, RGD Optical Probe, BoneTag Optical Probe (800CW and 680RD), and PEG Contrast Agent. Additional accessories for in vivo imaging include the Pearl Docking Station and Cleanbox, SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite and SmartFlow Surgical Suite.

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