IRDye 800CW BoneTag for Bone Growth and Mineralization Studies.

IRDye® 800CW BoneTag Optical Probe

IRDye 800CW BoneTag for Bone Growth and Mineralization Studies.

IRDye 800CW BoneTag Optical Probe is a calcium-chelating compound conjugated to IRDye 800CW near-infrared dye. Using IRDye NIR dyes extends fluorescence signal detection to the near-infrared fluorescent region of the spectrum without affecting the compound’s ability to function as a marker of the mineralization process. NIR fluorescence detection improves depth of penetration due to low tissue autofluorescence, translating to low background interference.

Calcium-chelating compounds have been used effectively for the detection of bone mineralization, growth, and morphological changes, including tetracycline derivatives, xylenol orange, alizarin, calcein, and fluorescein. NIR-labeled pamidronate has also been successfully used for detection of arterial calcification in non-invasive optical imaging1.

The ability to visualize bone anatomy and structures for an extended period facilitates use of the IRDye BoneTag in conjunction with a second optical agent specific for a primary target (i.e., tumor tissue). In addition, IRDye 800CW BoneTag may prove effective for studies dealing with bone metastasis and bone remodeling studies.

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Absorbance and Emission Spectra

Data Example

Bone-targeted binding was examined using MC3T3 (osteoblast) cells in a cell-based assay. MC3T3 cells exhibited a dose dependent increase in signal when incubated with IRDye 800CW BoneTag. Incubation of labeled BoneTag with A431 cells (epidermoid carcinoma), a non-osteoblast cell line, showed low non-specific binding.


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