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Intercept® (PBS) Blocking Buffer and Diluent Kit

Intercept PBS Blocking Buffer and Antibody Diluent Kit

Try Intercept (PBS) Blocking Buffer and Intercept T20 (PBS) Antibody Diluent for improved results in your quantitative Western blots and other immunoassays. Intercept Blocking Buffers provide excellent blocking performance with low background and low variability.

Intercept T20 Antibody Diluents improve the specificity of the primary and secondary antibodies, reducing off-target effects. They are preformulated with Tween® 20. There’s no need to mix the diluent yourself, which saves you time and reduces potential variation.

Kit Components

  • Intercept (PBS) Blocking Buffer, 1 x 500 mL
  • Intercept T20 (PBS) Antibody Diluent, 2 x 500 mL

Shake well before each use.

Intercept (PBS) Blocking Buffer and Intercept T20 (PBS) Antibody Diluent can be used for many immunoassays and applications, including:

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