Dye Decontamination Kit for Small Animal Imaging.

Dye Decontamination Kit

Dye Decontamination Kit for Small Animal Imaging.

Dye contamination found on the surface of animals or within the field of view of the imaging bed will interfere with detection of targets within an animal. External dye contamination can arise from urine residue on the animal's skin or the imaging bed surface.

Water and alcohol are not very effective for dye residue removal, and depilatory creams can irritate the skin of the animal. This decontamination kit effectively and safely removes dye contamination from the skin of the animal or surface of the Pearl® imaging bed (P/N 9300-21).

Kit Components

  • Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads, 200 pads
  • Alcohol Prep Pads, 400 pads

Refills of the povidone-iodine prep pads and alcohol prep pads are also available.

Selected P/N: 9300-840



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