Intercept T20 TBS Antibody Diluent for Western Blotting

Intercept® T20 (TBS) Antibody Diluent

Intercept T20 TBS Antibody Diluent for Western Blotting

Intercept T20 (TBS) Antibody Diluent improves the specificity of the primary and secondary antibodies, reducing off-target effects. The diluent contains Intercept (TBS) Blocking Buffer in Tris-buffered saline (TBS) preformulated with Tween® 20.

Since there’s no need to mix the diluent yourself, it saves you time and reduces potential variation.


Intercept T20 (TBS) Antibody Diluent contains a 0.05% concentration of Tween 20. It contains no sodium azide and is stored at 4 °C.

Shake well before each use.

Intercept T20 (TBS) Antibody Diluent can be used for many immunoassays and applications, including:

Selected P/N: 927-65001,927-65003,927-65010



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