IRDye 750 Maleimide to Label Free Sulfhydryls.

IRDye® 750 Maleimide

IRDye 750 Maleimide to Label Free Sulfhydryls.

IRDye 750 Maleimide is an infrared dye with detection near 750 nm. Maleimide reactive group provides the functionality for labeling molecules that contain free sulfhydryl (–SH thiol) groups. This reactive group allows conjugation reactions to be performed at physiological pH.

This dye is not suitable for use with LI-COR Odyssey® Imaging Systems.

IRDye 750 Maleimide reacting with a Thiol group
IRDye Infrared Dyes Overview

Dye Structure

IRDye 750 Maleimide structure


  • Chemical Formula: C55H63N4Na3O15S4
  • Molecular Weight: 1217.33 g/mol
  • Exact Mass: 1216.29

Absorption and Emission Spectra

Solvent Ext. Coeff. (M-1cm-1) Absorption Maxima Emission Maxima
Methanol 330,000 766 nm 776 nm
1X PBS 260,000 756 nm 776 nm
PBS: Methanol 260,000

Absorption and Emission Spectra in 1X PBS

IRDye 750 Absorption and Emission Spectra

Selected P/N: 929-71040,929-71041



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