SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite for Small Animal Imaging.

SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite

SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite for Small Animal Imaging.

The SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite is an effective inhalation anesthesia alternative to traditional injectable administration.

Manual gas anesthesia delivery systems require complex calculations to adjust flow rates for multiple breathing systems. The SmartFlow Anesthesia suite eliminates the need for manual adjustments by supplying accurate gas anesthesia flow for up to five breathing devices with the flip of a switch. So, you can accurately control the flow rate of oxygen for each breathing device and reduce overall anesthesia delivery costs through efficient administration.

  • Pre-set flow rates reduce the usage of isoflurane and eliminate the need for flow meters and manual adjustments
  • Easy to use on/off switches reduce the chances for operator errors
  • Flow rate is not impacted by the number or type of accessories attached to the unit
  • Consistent flow rates are obtained over distances greater than 100 feet

This product line has been tested, designed, and customized to work optimally with the Pearl® Imaging Systems and the Pearl Docking Station.

In order to provide the highest level of support, Euthanex Corp. will provide technical support on the SmartFlow product line. Our technical support team would be happy to get you in contact with Euthanex Corp. should the need arise. Please don't hesitate to contact us at (800) 645-4260 or e-mail us at

Product Details

SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite, 120V includes:

  1. SmartFlow Vaporizer Unit
  2. Charcoal Filters (8)
  3. Induction Chamber
  4. Induction Chamber Heater
  5. Oxygen Regulator (H Tank)
  6. Filter Stand
  7. Gas Inflow Hose, Outflow Hose and Oxygen Hose
  8. Anesthesia Accessories
  9. Manual and QuickStart Guide

Anesthesia: Inhalation vs. Injectable

There are five basic considerations when choosing a method of anesthesia.

  • Reduce the likelihood of animal loss
  • Avoid interfering with research question
  • Minimize the stress to animals
  • Maintain a consistent plane of anesthesia through the duration of the procedure
  • Have a fast and safe recovery at the end of anesthesia

Upon evaluation of a number of variables, inhalation anesthesia offers many advantages over traditional injectable anesthesia, as seen in the chart.

Inhalation Injectable
Technician expertise Low High
Susceptibility to human error Low High
Stress to the animals Low High
Susceptibility to animal loss Low High
Recovery time for animals Short Long
Labor intensive Low High

How It Works

The SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite's sophisticated design ensures safe and easy anesthesia administration. Flow rates are fixed for each breathing device, eliminating complex calculations and adjustments during procedures as is common with injectable anesthesia as well as traditional inhalation anesthesia systems. Simply specify the concentration and which breathing devices need to be used, and the SmartFlow Anesthesia Suite does the rest.

  1. Oxygen flows from the Oxygen tank into the vaporizer
  2. Oxygen mixes with Isoflurane producing a specified concentration of gas anesthesia
  3. Gas anesthesia of a specified concentration flows out at the correct rate for each breathing device
  4. Gas anesthesia keeps mouse asleep during procedure
  5. Excess gas is captured by a charcoal filtration device


SmartFlow Vaporizer

  • Oxygen Flush Volume: 30-35 L/m
  • Circuit Delivery Volume:
    • Induction Chamber: 1 L/m ± 10%
    • Breathers 1-3 (Pearl Impulse, Surgical Suite, Docking Station): 0.5 L/M ± 10%
    • Breather 4 (MousePOD): 1.5 L/m ± 10%
  • Gas Pressure Requirements: 45-55 psi (50 psi optimum)
  • System Pressure Gauge Range: 0-15 psi
  • Dimensions (W x H x D, inches): 13.5 x 11 x 6
  • Weight: ~23 lb.
  • Material:
    • Stand: Galvanized and Annealed Steel
    • Vaporizer: Brass/Aluminum
  • Gas Compatibility: Isoflurane
  • Recommended Service Intervals: 12-24 months

Note: The Vaporizer on the SmartFlow system is custom designed and must not be used with any other anesthesia system.

SmartFlow Induction Chamber

  • Material: Acrylic (Do not clean with alcohol)

Selected P/N: 9000-100



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