Odyssey M Advantages That Make It Extraordinary

Why the Odyssey® M Stands Alone.

As a leading and trusted integrated imaging solution, the Odyssey M Imager is in a class of its own. The Odyssey M is truly unmatched in application versatility, performance, technology, and scientific expertise.

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Odyssey M
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No Assembly Required

The Odyssey M is the only instrument in its class that keeps all the modules you need onboard, including a high-performance chemiluminescence module. All 18 channels are ready when you are.

You can combine multiple channels in the same acquisition. If you want to perform a tissue section overlay using fluorescence and H&E stain—you can get that data at the same time.

There are no expensive and delicate optical modules to purchase, manage, and assemble for different acquisitions.


The Little ‘s’ Makes a Big Difference

The Odyssey M uses a scientific CMOS (sCMOS) image sensor. sCMOS can sometimes be confused with CMOS. While the names are similar, the technologies are very different—it’s like going from 3G to 5G.

sCMOS provides a wide dynamic range, incredible sensitivity, high resolution, and rapid image capture. All these traits make it ideal for consistent, quantitative protein measurements.

A True 6-Log Dynamic Range

The true 6-log dynamic range of the Odyssey M lets you get more done in the lab without compromising your data.

In one acquisition, you can acquire the full depth of your data in under 3 minutes. Some systems require multiple scans and software manipulation to approximate this dynamic range. This process can take more than an hour and result in higher background.

That’s much more time invested for lower-quality data.

Multiple Imagers in One

The Odyssey M is unmatched in its ability to combine applications and channels. The Odyssey M fulfills the role of a Western blot imager (fluorescent and chemiluminescent), gel imager, plate reader, and slide scanner—in one.

Because it fulfills all these roles, the Odyssey M lets you do more, saves space in your lab, and saves you money.

Assays available for the Odyssey M

Translating Great Data into Meaningful Information

Empiria Studio® Software is intuitive to learn, guides you through analysis, and goes beyond Western blot analysis. It enables you to perform in-depth analysis of:

  • Fluorescent and chemiluminescent Western blots
  • Plate-based assays
  • Slides, including tissue sections
  • Protein gels and nucleic acid gels
  • And more

Empiria Studio takes the great data acquired using the Odyssey M and enables you to identify information you can act on.

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A Partner in Science for More Than 30 Years

LI-COR is proud to be a trusted partner in your scientific endeavors, and we back that up with world-class support. Our support team includes scientists with decades of lab experience and industry expertise who are accessible and committed to ensuring you are empowered to make discoveries.

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Odyssey Imagers are proven, trusted, and have helped scientists around the world in over 20,000 peer-reviewed publications. See how the Odyssey M can make a difference in your lab.

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