Intercept T20 Antibody Diluents

Intercept® T20 Antibody Diluents


Intercept T20 Antibody Diluents for use with Odyssey® Imaging Systems, are optimized for use with IRDye® Infrared Dye Reagents and other near-infrared fluorophores. All Intercept T20 Antibody Diluents provide excellent performance for quantitative and chemiluminescent Western blots, as well as other immunoassays.

What are Antibody Diluents?

Antibody diluents are used for the dilution of primary antibodies and secondary antibodies to the working concentration required for your experiments. Antibody diluents improve the specificity of primary and secondary antibodies, reducing off-target effects. This reduces background due to non-specific binding.

Intercept T20 Antibody Diluents are preformulated in-house with Tween® 20, a non-ionic detergent. There’s no need to mix the diluent yourself, which saves you time and reduces potential variation.

Intercept T20 Antibody Diluents can be used in many applications, including:

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