Operating Instructions

Table of Contents

1 Overview of the instrument

What's what


Enclosures and accessories

Sonic anemometer cables and mounting hardware

2 Initial assembly

Connecting the gas analyzer head cable

Preparing the enclosure

Connecting the component power wires

Connecting the gas analyzer power wires

Connecting Ethernet cables

Connecting sonic anemometer data and power cables

3 Initial configuration

Configuring the gas analyzer

Additional eddy covariance options

4 Field installation

Mounting the gas analyzer and sonic anemometer

Collect data on the setup

5 Configuring the eddy covariance system

Configuring the site setup

Begin logging data

Verifying flux computations

System diagnostics

Tips for success

6 Viewing and evaluating data

Logged data files

Automatic file management

Copying data files from USB storage

Viewing raw logged data

Viewing processed data from the EddyPro output

Viewing data in FluxSuite Software

Evaluating long-term data in Tovi® Software

7 EddyPro processing on the SmartFlux System
8 Troubleshooting

Gas analyzer will not power on or repeatedly powers on and off

Problems with the SmartFlux 3 System

SmartFlux Status server errors

Unable to connect or instrument not visible in software

Issues with gas analyzer measurements

DSI box status LED blinking

Gas analyzer diagnostics

Diagnostics in EddyPro on the SmartFlux System

9 Maintenance

Cleaning the gas analyzer optical path

Changing the SmartFlux 3 System fuses

Replacing the internal chemicals

Software updates

User calibration

10 Software overview


Other software settings

11 Theory of operation
A Sonic anemometer connection options
B Specifications

Instruction Manuals

LI-7500DS and SmartFlux 3 System Quick Start Guide


Quick start guide provides a broad overview of the order to follow when setting up a system, as well as considerations for site maintenance and data management.

Using the LI-7500DS Open Path CO2/H2O Analyzer and the SmartFlux 3 System


Instruction Manual for the LI-7500DS and SmartFlux 3 System. Describes how to use the instrument in eddy covariance systems.